Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech Co.,Ltd.

China, Hangzhou

Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech is a private and technology-based peptide company located in Hangzhou of China, proving full services to the pharma, cosmetic and biotech companies and institutions worldwide. The company is specialized in the process development and manufacturing of simple and complex peptide, cosmetic peptide as well as custom peptide synthesis for various research applications. Welcome to contact me by email to sales1@gotopbio.com if any peptide requests and custom peptide synthesis requests !

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Argipressin (1 variant)

CAS Number: 113-79-1 | Intermediates

Argireline Acetate (1 variant)

CAS Number: 616204-22-9 | API

Atosiban (1 variant)

CAS Number: 90779-69-4 | API

Bivalirudin (1 variant)

CAS Number: 128270-60-0 | Intermediates

Boc-Leu-Gly-Arg-PNA (1 variant)

CAS Number: 71730-95-5 | API

Bremelanotide (1 variant)

CAS Number: 189691-06-3 | Intermediates

Carbetocin (1 variant)

CAS Number: 37025-55-1 | Intermediates

Cetrorelix acetate (1 variant)

CAS Number: 145672-81-7 | API

Degarelix (1 variant)

CAS Number: 214766-78-6 | Intermediates

Desmopressin (1 variant)

CAS Number: 16679-58-6 | Intermediates

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