THYKN (INDIA) INTERNATIONAL, as one of the leading Importer and exporter of Pharmaceutical Bulk drugs and Intermediates. The company was establishedin 2003 with a purpose of enhancing exports of APIs worldwide, and is still the prime focus. At present we are one of the leading pharmaceutical exporters from India with exports to around 30countries in the world. Some of our regularly exported products are mentioned in the attached file. We understand the ever increasing demand of quality documentations support required by the end customers and support most of our products from GMP manufacturers

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5-Azacytidine (1 variant)

CAS Number: 320-67-2 | API

Acetorphan (1 variant)

CAS Number: 81110-73-8 | API

Adapalene (1 variant)

CAS Number: 106685-40-9 | API

Ajmalicine (1 variant)

CAS Number: 483-04-5 | API

Alendronate sodium (1 variant)

CAS Number: 121268-17-5 | API

Aliskiren (1 variant)

CAS Number: 173334-57-1 | API

Almotriptan malate (1 variant)

CAS Number: 181183-52-8 | API

Ambroxol (1 variant)

CAS Number: 18683-91-5 | API

Amiodarone hydrochloride (1 variant)

CAS Number: 19774-82-4 | API

Amisulpride (1 variant)

CAS Number: 71675-85-9 | API

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